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This blog is a list of relaxing and sex related places in Chiang Mai. Each place has its post, all registered visitors can use the "comment" feature to add information or testimony. I will update the main post with usefull details from your comments.

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Foxy Lady

Average gogo bar

Chiang Mai Hills Hotel Massage

Soapy bath + light massage + Nice fuck if you choose the right one: 1200 B all inclusive (tip at convenience). Choice of girls is poor before 3 pm.

Phothip Photiwech Massage


Cross the Mae Nam Ping River at the Nawarat Bridge. turn right at the 4th set of traffic lights. The Phothip Photiwech Hotel is on the right, opposite the entrance to the Chiang Mai Railway Station car park at the end of a small soi. 
The entrance to the massage parlour is in the left-hand corner of the car park. As you enter, there's a pool hall directly ahead - turn left and walk upstairs to the massage parlour.

Fishbowl, Small rooms, w/o shower
Oil massage at 600 Bath, Thai massage at 300 Bath

Only HJ (on request  - 500 Baht)
Had full sex once after thai massage (1000 Baht) with new commer from Isan...

Sayuri Massage Parlor


The only real Soappy in Chiang Mai

Cross the Mae Nam Ping River at the Nawarat Bridge, turn left into Bumrung Rajd Road at the 2nd set of traffic lights after the bridge (There is a "Sayuri" sign on a pole at the intersection) Turn left into the second soi (Bumrung Rajd Rd Soi.2) which is 400 metres from Charoen Muang Road. Sayuri is 70 metres along the soi, on the left. As you enter the main door of Sayuri, angle to your right up the stairs, push the door and you can peep through to the fishbowl

- Badge w/o letter: Turkish baht (no body to body) + sex (no real massage) : 1000 Baht + tip (200 to 500 B)
- Badge with letter: Soappy body to body on inflatable matress + sex (no real massage) : 1150 Baht for "B" badge ( "M" Badge = 1700 Baht - "S" badge = 2500 Baht)
- Deluxe room = additionnal 250 Baht